Lewandowski is going to have to start pre-season with Bayern as transfer drags on

Lewandowski is going to have to start pre-season with Bayern as transfer drags on

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The negotiations are not fluid and Bayern are frustrated with the Polish striker's agent

Signing Robert Lewandowski is not going smoothly. Bayern Munich don’t want to let the Polish forward go for less than 75 million euros and the negotiations have been a kind of cold war which has dragged on for weeks.

Per Bild, Barcelona aren’t thinking of improving on their 40m euro offer plus 10m in variables. Lewandowski is prepared for a long summer and is going to have to go to training with Bayern, having been called up for July 12. The Pole could refuse to go, and go on strike, but that posture would be dangerous if negotiations break down and Bayern leave him out in the cold.

Barcelona have told Lewandowski that negotiations are not fluid, and asked him for patience as they try to get him at a fair price. Laporta called him personally to explain the situation and the forward asked haste as he didn’t want to go back to training with Bayern.

They will be tense days he would prefer to avoid but everything indicates that he will have to do so, because the negotiations are not going well. However Barcelona have assured him they will be signing him this summer.

Bayern have broken relations with the player and his people, above all. They think that Pini Zahavi, his agent, is not a valid interlocutor in the deal and don’t want to have any type of contact with him.

They are angry about him taking David Alaba away and Lewandowski’s potential departure has provoked more frustration that cannot be fixed. Barcelona think 75m is far from fair given the player’s age.

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