Leo Messi's people respond to Matias Messi's Barca rant

Leo Messi's people respond to Matias Messi's Barca rant

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The Argentine forward left for PSG in the summer of 2021 despite wanting to stay

Matias Messi's harsh words on the possibility of Leo Messi returning to FC Barcelona have made an immediate impact at the club. Matias was brutal in a livestream on his son's Twitch channel about his brother's departure from his lifelong club and made it clear that, if he ever returned, it would be by provoking a "good clean-out, starting with president Joan Laporta". 

These words have been reacted to by the footballer's own entourage, with Messi currently with PSG ahead of Wednesday's important Cup match against Olympique de Marseille. Contacted by SPORT, those close to Leo Messi stated that "Matias' opinion is individual" and "does not have to coincide with Leo's or that of other members of his family or his entourage". Not surprisingly, what is reflected is that Matias' words make it clear that the departure from Barça was painful and the wound was very deep.

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