Law firm ends relationship with lawyer that advised Lionel Messi

Law firm ends relationship with lawyer that advised Lionel Messi

Así reaccionaron las redes al burofax de Messi | sport

Pecourt defined Messi's strategy to leave Camp Nou, including the sending of the famous burofax

The lawyer Jorge Pecourt has left the law firm Cuatrecasas and, according to 2Playbook, the reason behind his departure is related to his decision to advise Lionel Messi in his attempt to leave Barcelona last month. As a result, Barça have already ended their working relationship with Cuatrecasas. 

2Playbook cite sources at the law firm confirming Pecourt's exit, although other sources close to Cuatrecasas attribute him leaving to the fact he's decided to "create his own company to continue advising professional athletes, which he has been doing for more than 20 years." 

Pecourt, who had been a partner at the firm, is an expert in sporting law and has ample experience working with clubs and companies across the globe. 

His name first appeared widely in the media when he was named as the lawyer advising Messi on how to leave Barça. His first step was to send the famous burofax in which the player announced he would execute a clause that allowed him to leave the club. 

Lawyers consulted at that moment felt the move was aggressive and that Cuatrecasas would only have taken it if they had a clear legal battle and could prove Messi was free to leave. However, they didn't and a few weeks later Messi announced he would stay at Barça until at least the end of his contract, which expires in June 2021. 

His move to Manchester City, this summer at least, proved impossible.