Laporta reveals how he will manage Messi's Barça contract situation

The ex-president wants to be the next president and hopes to convince Messi to stay

 El expresidente del FC Barcelona ha anunciado que entra en la cursa por la presidencia del club | sport

Sergi Capdevila

Joan Laporta spoke to the media on Monday after announcing he would run for the Barcelona presidency again. One of the issues which is going to mark this election campaign is Lionel Messi's future. 

Asked about that, Laporta said: "It's true he is very disappointed with how he's been treated. But Messi loves Barca, I know that, I have no doubts about that.

"My relationship with Messi one of respect and affection. The best thing for him is to wait and see who wins the election and what they propose. I think Messi, with a good proposal, would choose Barça.

"He knows me, he knows us, how we work, how we treat the players ... if there's one thing I am proud of it's always keeping my word.

"We want a winning sporting project, to dominate the Champions League, and I think that with Leo in the squad we can build a really good team. It's important to bring happiness back to the club and the squad.

"I hope we arrive in time to have that conversation and to be able to convince the best player in history that we have a winning project." 

Laporta also revealed that he turned down a 250 million euro bid from Inter for Messi during his first spell as Barça president, which ran from 2003 until 2010.  



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