Laporta on the attack: Barcelona are the three billion club

The former president says Barca are 1m in, 1m out and 1m debt

El Laporta más solidario |

Joan Laporta said on Friday that he wants to become Barcelona president again to solve the ‘precarious economic situation’ the club is in and that he is ‘gathering people I trust to present a project’ for consideration in the 2021 elections.


“We want to get the club’s prestige back. I’m gathering people to present a project and getting increasingly excited. I’d like to return, it thrills me and I have the capability. I will decide at the end of this year or next year,” Laporta told Gol.

“Barcelona are the club of three billion. One billion in income, one billion in expenses and one billion in debt.

“You have to think well on how to reverse the precarious economic situation of the club. How it might be not to get to the previous income.

“It’s a project I’m looking at. It’s possible to present a credible proposal which will help to improve the institutional image of Barca.”

He was president during the 2003-10 spell, winning four leagues, two Champions Leagues, and Club World Cup among other success.

Joan Laporta tried to return in the 2015 elections but finished second behind Josep Maria Bartomeu, who won with 54.63% of the votes. Laporta had 33.03%, Augusti Benedito was on 7.16% and Toni Freixa on 3.7%.


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