LaLiga president Tebas accused of giving false evidence against Barça

LaLiga president Tebas accused of giving false evidence against Barça

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Tebas sent documents to the prosecutors working on the Negreira case

The week starts with new information about the 'Negreira case', but this time it not only points to Barcelona, but also to the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas. According to La Vanguardia, the president of LaLiga sent false evidence to the Public Prosecutor's Office directly implicating the former presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell in the alleged crimes of disloyal administration and misappropriation. 

Tebas did so using, according to the information, a document handwritten by Josep Contreras, an ex-director of the Catalan club already deceased. In fact, it was the same family who confirmed that the names that appear in the document are not those of the former presidents of FC Barcelona. 

Different case

Therefore, the manuscript that the president of LaLiga provided to the Public Prosecutor's Office had nothing to do with the 'Negreira Case', as it was from another case, the Soule case. This was focused on investigating the alleged diversion of funds from the Spanish Federation presided over by Ángel María Villar and LaLiga had access to it as a prosecutor. 

According to the information, in the document delivered to the Prosecutor's Office on 22 February, signed personally by him, he linked the names of the former presidents with those that appeared in the document. 

Family's clarification

Everything has been resolved by the clarification of the family of the deceased, which has confirmed that the document was written decades ago and that the names that appear, in reality are those of Emilio Román, lawyer of Contreras; Ramon Rosell, accountant of his companies; and Josep María was an employee of Banca Catalana. Nothing to do with the former presidents.

El aviso de Tebas

Tebas himself, although he warns the Prosecutor's Office that "the statute of limitations for the alleged and hypothetical crimes could be approaching," also explains that the evidence he sends "neither this party has any speculative spirit, nor the present document supposes the exercise of a specific accusation against anyone."

At the same time, it also included that: "We consider that the names and surnames in the handwritten note may coincide with the names and/or surnames of certain former FCB directors."

To conclude, he says: "From the documentation provided in this document, and the other that the media indicate that it would already be at the disposal of this Prosecutor's Office, it is far from being ruled out that other crimes such as unfair administration or misappropriation could be involved."

The president of LaLiga has already responded with a tweet to the information published on Monday by La Vanguardia.

"The title in La Vanguardia is false," he wrote. "We don't accuse anyone, the article itself corroborates this by pointing out what the letter to the prosecutor's office said: 'Nor does this letter imply the exercise of a specific accusation against anyone.'

"Mr. Conde Godó, keep a closer eye on your JOURNALISTS who slander."

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