LaLiga chief Tebas says Barça have been psychologically kidnapped by Madrid


'We have reached the extreme that Florentino was at a meal for the Joan Gamper Trophy!'

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Lluís Mascaró

Javier Tebas never hides and always tells it as it is. He knows he can't please everyone but that doesn't prevent him from mincing his words. The LaLiga president has spoken with SPORT avbout a range of issues, including the European Super League and Barcelona's relationship with Real Madrid.

Josep Maria Bartomeu was also in favour of the Super League...

With Bartomeu, we had a good relationship and a bad relationship, to the point that FC Barcelona once reported me to the sports council. And in the assemblies in recent years, they always voted against (LaLiga proposals), along with Madrid. I have the feeling that Barça have been psychologically kidnapped by Florentino Perez and Real Madrid, it's like an inferiority complex. One of Laporta's arguments (for the Super League) was that Barça already stayed out of the European Cup in the 1950s and that he did not want the same thing to happen again. That leads you to the psychological kidnapping I am talking about, I already saw it with Bartomeu and I continue to see it now with Laporta.

Are you saying Florentino has “kidnapped” Joan Laporta?

What I think is that Florentino is a very intelligent guy and that José Ángel Sánchez, his CEO, is the most empathetic person in European football. And all that glamour and know-how, in front of someone who has not been in the world of football for more than ten years... We have reached the extreme that Florentino was at a meal for the Joan Gamper Trophy! Who could have imagined that? I'm not saying Laporta and Florentino cannot have a relationship, but Barça were in favour of the CVC agreement until Real Madrid said no....

What did you think when you saw Laporta, Florentino and Agnelli eating together?

That the castaways are still going and are eating together! When one wonders what is left of the Super League, the answer is that there are only three clubs left and they are going to change their strategy, which is recognition that everything they did previously was wrong. And they do not realise that the big English clubs are no longer in this battle. If they spent all this time on other things, we would advance further.



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