La Liga do not agree with Dec. 18 date for Clasico and will fight it

La Liga do not agree with Dec. 18 date for Clasico and will fight it

El Clásico tiene nueva fecha oficial: 18 de diciembre | Perform

They are studying the documents and will dispute the suggested date for the game

La Liga have published a statement in which they express their disagreement over the decision of the Competition Committee to set December 18 as the date for the Barcelona-Real Madrid Clasico.

December 18 is the date that both clubs had agreed for the celebration of the game, but La Liga proposed December 4. Finally, the Competition Committee, the RFEF's disciplinary body, decided that the 18th was to be the date.

La Liga are studying the documentation received from the file that refers to the procedure opened by this cause to assess whether they will take legal measures via public and jurisdictional institutions and bodies that it deems appropriate. 

"We believe that, given the lack of resolution, the lack of reference to legal norms and the reference to various reports and documents that La Liga has not had access to so far, a detailed study of all the documents in the reference file is needed to assess the possible actions to be filed, against which institutions, and before which organs or agencies," they said in a statement.



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