Koeman told De Jong to take care when enjoying the 'good life' in Barcelona

The Dutch midfielder spoke to UEFA about his life in the Catalan city

De Jong augura un buen futuro a su selección | Perform


Barcelona midfielder Frenkie de Jong revealed that Ronald Koeman advised him to join the Catalan club, although he also warned him about enjoying the lifestyle in the city too much!  

"I spoke to him [on the phone over a year ago] and he was really positive about Barcelona as a club as well as Barcelona as a city," De Jong said in an interview with UEFA.

"So what he told me was almost all positive. He just told me I have to be careful, that I [shouldn't] go to restaurants too much or eat too much because life is really good in Barcelona and sometimes you can feel like you're on vacation the whole year.

"He just said, 'Be careful with that and, for the rest, everything is really good.' At the end of the day, football is the main part." 

On his life in Barcelona, De Jong added: "Life in Barcelona is really comfortable. It's really good because the climate is really good, better than in Holland. We have the beach, we have the mountains and people are nice to me.

"I'm enjoying living in Barcelona a lot. The thing I miss most about Holland is my family. I like my family and friends close to me. I think that's the most difficult thing. The country itself and Barcelona as a city are amazing; it's more that family and friends are further away." 




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