Koeman asks his players to agree to wage cuts

Barça's head coach was speaking about the club's delicate financial situation

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Jordi Carné

The Barcelona head coach, Ronald Koeman, had no qualms in asking his squad to agree to wage cuts to help the club overcome the difficult financial situation that it is currently faced with. "All the players know about the club's financial situation. We are all concerned. With regards to salaries, the club is trying to get the players to agree to wage cuts, and they should all accept them. If they're true Barça people, and if they take into account everything that the club has given to them, they should make an effort and agree to these reductions. They need to put the club first".

Koeman explained that "Covid-19 has caused a lot of damage. The stadium has been closed for ages, nobody is going to the museum. Many different revenue streams have been closed off. Now is the time [for the players] to agree to a wage cut to help the club as much as possible. I'm sure that everything will be fine".

The Barça head coach tried his best to avoid talking about transfers in light of the club's current financial constraints, but he made it clear that the club's priority is a centre midfielder: "Depending on outgoings, we could perhaps do with another player in centre midfield. It's important to sign someone that helps to bring us to the next level, but let's see what happens between now and the end of August".




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