Koeman and his agent reveal Laporta showdown talks: 'Fix it if you don't want me'

The two spoke on the documentary Força Koeman, which aired in the Netherlands recently

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The relationship between Joan Laporta and Ronald Koeman is still a talking point. The Dutchman and his agent, Rob Jansen, have revealed conversations they had with the president last June. In the documentary Força Koeman, shown in the Netherlands, they explain Koeman was not Laporta's original bet, that the Barça chief told them "he needed time to look for a coach and that, if he didn't find one, Ronaldo could continue on the bench."

"We had always got on well. And then the president tells me: 'I still have doubts. We need more time and we will look for other options to be coach. We can't clarify anything else," Koeman explains.

His agent, Jansen, adds that "Laporta said he needed two or three weeks to find a new candidate. And that, if he didn't, Ronald could stay on."

Jansen continued: "It was a crazy decision, founded on nothing. It was based only on sensations. Madness... I didn't speak with Laporta again. But, fortunately, the people that surround him contributed to Koeman staying. Then, the president came out in the press saying they would continue together, that they're friends... this is the hypocrisy of high-level sport."

Meanwhile, Koeman says he asked Laporta to be clear and honest.

"The president is the president and he's here to make decisions. I told him to tell me if I am not good enough to coach the team and then we could end this story. I told him 'Fix it if you don't want me. Do it. But don't leave me with this uncertainty saying you will look for other options,'" Koeman said.




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