Key meeting over Inigo Martinez's future

Key meeting over Inigo Martinez's future

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The Athletic Club defender is interested in coming to FC Barcelona

Jules Kounde’s arrival at Barcelona doesn’t mean the hunting for players is over, even in defence. As SPORT have reported, the club are interested in Inigo Martinez. However he will have to wait a year before joining; Barcelona have asked him to come on a free at the end of his contract with Athletic Club in 2023.

However the Bilbao side are trying to get him to renew his deal. So far he has rejected their proposals. On Wednesday there will be an important meeting between his agents and the club. They will mount a new offensive for him to stay, but he is tempted by Barcelona.

We will see how it goes, but if he does not renew it’s not ruled out that the club could take extreme measures against him. Like they did with Fernando Llorente back in the day. New president Jon Uriarte and the board will have a decision to make. But in the short term, the goal is getting him to renew. 

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