There's a key date for the future of Antoine Griezmann

There's a key date for the future of Antoine Griezmann

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The Barcelona striker is on holiday after the Euros at the moment

Antoine Griezmann’s future is a matter of great interest in the Barca sphere. Ronald Koeman’s comments left it up in the air, saying that the priority was “for Messi to stay above anything else”. 

Griezmann has, for his part, not received any official communication from Barca about the club’s intentions. He is on holiday after the Euros, disconnecting after a tough year for club and country.

However there is a key date. July 20, he returns to training. Once there he will find out what the club are planning first hand and can take decisions.

Messi staying means a lot of other cuts having to be made and Griezmann could be sacrificed. He improved last season, with 20 goals and 13 assists. He has a contact until 2024 and under normal circumstances would stay.

The problem is La Liga’s salary limit. Various clubs are interested; Atletico Madrid, Man City, Man United, PSG and Chelsea are among them.

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