Juventus and Barça are sorting the final details on Luis Suárez's transfer

Juve are desperate to add Suarez to their squad whilst Barça are still keen to structure a deal similar to the one which saw Rakitic join Sevilla

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Juan Manuel Díaz

Talks between Juventus and FC Barcelona over Luis Suarez have intensified over the last few hours. The two clubs enjoy a good, working relationship following the Pjanic-Arthur swap deal and now both are keen to resolve the Uruguayan striker's future as soon as possible.

Barça and Juve are negotiating the structure of the deal for Suarez, who still needs to claim an Italian passport, but all signs point to it being similar the one agreed with Sevilla for Ivan Rakitic. This would be a small free upfront with other variables depending on the player's success at his new club.

The latest round of talks included Barça's desire to reach an agreement with Suarez over the final year of his contract, Juve's ability to offer him a respectable salary and a small fee to Barça.

Luis Suárez already has a provisional agreement with Juventus on a two-year deal, with an option of another, worth a fixed €6.5m per season with bonuses meaning he could earn up to €10m per season.


Another factor in the deal is Suarez passing a 'B1' level Italian exam so he can claim an Italian passport.

The Uruguayan can take the test on either the 16th or 23rd September according to 'Gazzetta dello Sport'.

Italian reports claim the test isn't difficult but nor is it too simple. Of course, when it comes to simply needing the certificate for a passport, no one is going to say it will be easy either.





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