Julian Nagelsmann responds to Joan Laporta and clarifies his opinion on Barça

Julian Nagelsmann responds to Joan Laporta and clarifies his opinion on Barça

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The Munich coach wanted to clarify his earlier statement about Barça's signings and their financial situation

Julian Nagelsmann continues to make headlines but not for any on-field reasons. A few days ago, the Bayern Munich coach made some statements in which he attacked Barça, questioning where they get so much money to sign the players they have bought so far. "Barça is the only club that has no money, but then buys all the players they want," he said. Joan Laporta responded to this barb, prompting a reaction from the Bayern coach, who doubled down, saying that he is not aware of the club's situation but will continue to share his opinions.

Nagelsmann's attack on Barça came after the official transfer of Robert Lewandowski to Barça and the signing of other players when the Spanish club had no money. Joan Laporta did not hesitate to answer him during an event in New York. "I have noticed a certain lack of knowledge and lack of information from some of those responsible, some have even distorted reality. It is true that a year ago we were in a critical situation. But we are a 122-year-old club with very important assets. They were not aware of the strength and support this club has. If I don't get involved in how they manage the club, I would ask them to do the same and not get involved with us. Let them mind their own business," said the Barça head.

The Bayern coach appeared this Friday at a press conference before the German Super Cup final against his former club Leipzig and responded to Laporta. He clarified that his initial statement was "from a fan's point of view," and that he has no problem with Laporta. He went on to acknowledge that he does not know in detail the financial situation of FC Barcelona, but will continue to give his opinion in the future.

The exchange of statements in the Barça-Bayern war of words continues with no one the wiser on why it all began. Robert Lewandowski's departure was the start of it, which while beneficial for both parties, has perhaps not sat too well with some of the folk in the Bavarian club, with some of his intentions possibly misinterpreted.

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