Josep Maria Bartomeu negotiating personally with Ronald Koeman

The Dutch coach will not be an easy target for the Catalan giants

 Patrick Kluivert habló con SPORT sobre Valverde y Koeman | Marta Fernández

Toni Frieros

Josep Maria Bartomeu has decided to take the bull by the horns and try to change Barcelona's crisis situation. He has decided not to resign and call elections in March 2021. He will also axe Setien and sporting director Abidal, before looking for a replacement. The name he has chosen, for now, is Ronald Koeman. Barca's Wembley hero... and the current Dutch coach. He is not the only one on the list but he fits the bill.

Bartomeu has personally opened conversations with Koeman and asked him to take the team under his wing. His arrival may not be easy and there are various aspects to look at.

The first is that he has a contract with Holland. He's got an escape clause that would let him go to Barca... after the Euros take place next year. They should have this summer, but for Coronavirus. Koeman would have to ask the national team to let him go, which might cost money.

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The second aspect is that Koeman is unsure about coming to Barca now. The squad needs to be cleaned out and there's no money for signings. He even said himself that now is not the moment to think about Barca. However in football a lot can change, and fast.

This board has never called on him before, either, picking Lucho, Valverde and even Setien ahead of him. 

Another question is key: Koeman would not come for 10 months. He would only leave for a big sporting project, three years, say, with authority to take decisions. If Bartomeu signs him it would potentially conflict with the next club president, who would take over in July 2021. 

Koeman is a legend at Barca, who would command respect. Like with De Jong's transfer, Bartomeu's taking care of this personally.



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