Josep Bartomeu: Ousmane Dembele is going nowhere

The FC Barcelona president said the French winger is not leaving

Dembélé marcó un gran gol ante la selección italiana | sport

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Ousmane Dembele will stay at Camp Nou next season. FC Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu is sure about that. He was a big investment by Barca and the chief thinks Dembele's best is still to come.

"Dembele will go nowhere. He and Coutinho are a big investment for us," said Bartomeu during his visit to MIT in Massachusetts. "They are very important to our project and we expect a lot from them.

"Coutinho in the last four months has been very active in the team but Dembele is a very young player and talented and we expect great things. Next seasons will be different. It's not easy to play at Barca in your first year because the style of football is quite different from at other teams."


"Some players will come, others will go, that's normal. But there's no doubt that, without naming names because a lot of them are negotiating now with the club, new players will arrive."


"I would like that he won the World Cup, of course. He's the best player in the history of football. Adding that title to the hundreds that he has already will be good for him but also for FC Barcelona."



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