Jose Mourinho has made contact with Neymar to lure him to Manchester United

Rik Sharma

Jose Mourinho is trying to fish in Barcelona waters. The Manchester United coach has approached Neymar with the idea of signing him at the end of the season. The Portuguese started making contact to try and convince the Brazilian to sign for the Red Devils a few weeks ago.

Mourinho, as SPORT have learned from Manchester, is calling Neymar regularly to invite him to leave Barcelona and sign for Manchester. It is his usual way of functioning - the coach likes taking part in these conversations himself in the first phase of a potential signing. Speaking to the player, explaining to him what the transfer would do for his career, what it would be like to work under his orders, and so on. This what he is doing with Neymar.

Those close to Mourinho say that he believes that Neymar would the the ideal signing for Manchester United to cover a gap they have in their forward line. The English side, sixth in the Premier League —somewhere that would now allow them to reach the Champions League—have struggled for goals in the competition. In 25 games they have notched 38 goals. Ibrahimovic is the top scorer with 15, and after come midfielders like Mata (6) and Pogba (4). The forwards Martial, Rooney and Rashford are not cutting it. The arrival of Neymar would add a perfect injection to the side, goals and attacking magic, for a team that is often too predictable.


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