Jorge Mendes paving the way for Ruben Neves to come to Barça

Jorge Mendes paving the way for Ruben Neves to come to Barça

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The Portuguese midfielder is liked by Xavi and the directors but a deal needs work

Barcelona need to shake up their squad and the idea is to focus on certain areas. There are some signings made, and others that seem discarded that could suddenly be reactivated. One of those is Portuguese midfielder Ruben Neves at Wolves. Jorge Mendes has been putting his name on Barcelona’s table for months but with the numbers, nothing came off. Now he has the job of reformulating a deal because Barcelona are going to seriously study it. Mendes did a good job with Adama’s loan and he’s working on making Neves become a reality in July.

Mendes knows he can only come if the conditions are favourable. Barcelona have other priorities but admit that a positional footballer like him would suit them very well. It was all in the air after the first conversations but recent days have changed the picture, especially with Busquets needing a replacement you can trust, who can pick up the role bit by bit.

Neves has had very good seasons in the Premier League and is a fixture in the Portuguese national team. The key is making an operation similar to that which took Semedo to Wolves with Mendes.

They are interested in a few Barcelona players who aren’t getting minutes and they are open to talking. The challenge for Mendes is finding a deal that suits everyone, even if that means Neves at Barça on loan. The club believe his game will adapt perfectly and at Camp Nou he can become a top player.

Neves has the sporting OK from Xavi and Barça but not the financial nod. That is what has to be fixed. They have other positions they are prioritising but pivot does need some attention.

Adama’s future also needs to be solved by Mendes. Barcelona’s message is clear: If he comes on loan again or via a player trade, he will stay. If not, then he will return to the Premier League to continue his career.

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