Jordi Cruyff thinks it's almost impossible for Barca to sign in January

Jordi Cruyff thinks it's almost impossible for Barca to sign in January

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The winter market will not be a busy one for Barca by the looks of it

The president, Joan Laporta, said it recently, and the sports director, Jordi Cruyff, confirmed it in an interview with SPORT. The Blaugrana executive admits that the club is very limited by the financial fair play rules operated by La Liga, whose reading and tightening of the regulations has caused a change of plans for the winter market. He sees it as almost impossible to sign players and assumes that Barca will have to stick with the current squad.

So, will there be signings?

The president communicated that it is very complicated, it is the reality that we have. We also proudly have seventeen World Cup players, which means the squad is super competitive. One always wants to improve, but in the last market we were able to do what we could do, we arrived very tightly within fair play to reinforce the areas that we thought were vital to be able to compete and in La Liga, not in the Champions League, it is showing that we are on the right track. Other things will be done when they can. If it can't be done now, that's fine, we'll work with what's available.

And if players leave?

It's not that easy, it depends on fair play. Sometimes, one leaving will not be enough and you have to consider carefully if it is worth it or not.

If it could...?

We are prepared.

The problem is fair play.

Every week or month something new appears. It is true that the rule is getting tougher, it is also true that Spanish football is feeling it. I’m not talking about Barça. You have to see what is best for Spanish football. Competition with other countries is very tough. Both what is allowed in spending and taxes.

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