Jordi Alba is not planning an exit from Barcelona this summer

Jordi Alba is not planning an exit from Barcelona this summer

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The club would like to save on his fat salary but he wants to stay

Jordi Alba does not want to leave Barça. Despite the fact that his participation in the team is decreasing (he has only played 68 minutes in the last 6 games), the right-back is still determined to fulfill his contract.

The former youth product is in a complicated sporting situation but he is not giving up: he wants to prove to Xavi that he is still valid for the team. Alba assumes that Balde is in a great moment of form but accepts to wait for his chance, working like never before in training and always ready to help when the coach considers it necessary. 

For this reason he rules out any exit from Barça next summer. He has not considered looking for another team although he is aware that the Blaugrana club will put pressure on him in the coming months to accept a loan or a transfer.

Barça's objective is to try to save the 38 million euros he is due to receive next season (20 of which correspond to the arrears agreed at the time with Bartomeu and Laporta, not counting the money that the player agreed to reduce his salary by without any compensation).

The Blaugrana board is even willing to pay him the difference in salary between what he receives from his new team and what his current contract, which ends on 30 June 2024, stipulates. However, for the moment, the club has not contacted either the player or his agent to start any kind of negotiation.

In addition, on a personal level, Jordi Alba wants to face the coming summer in a calm way, without being aware of the transfer market, because his wife will give birth to their third child in July. The intention of Alba and his partner is, of course, to focus on this happy event and not have to worry about the immediate sporting future.

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