Jordi Alba: It's been best season of my career, excluding two games

The Barcelona left-back says a La Liga triumph should be celebrated more

 El lateral de LHospitalet aparcó su habitual rol de pasador para finalizar dentro del área y dar la victoria al Barça | LALIGA

The Barcelona players are going through a difficult time. The painful defeats against Liverpool and Valencia have seen them face as much criticism as they have had to face in recent years. 

One of the players under the microscope is Jordi Alba, given his errors at Anfield. On Monday, he responded at the presentation of his summer campus in Feixa Llarge. 

"It's a really tough time for me and for everyone," he said. "Like other times in my career, no one has given me anything. Now it's about recovering physically and mentally. 

"I would have liked to finish the season in another way, winning titles. We're over-used to winning things, because history tells you it's not easy to win. We should savour La Liga in another way, but it's really tough to win. Now it seems that only winning La Liga is a lost season. The dream was to win three trophies, but it wasn't to be." 

However, Alba's been happy with his form this year: "On a personal level, it's been the best season of my career, excluding those two games. I try to give everything on the pitch, but at some moments I haven't come out on top, it's human. 

"I can't win all the duels or be perfect. All human's make mistakes and I am not ashamed to say that." 


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