Jordi Alba: "If Barcelona ask me to reduce my salary, I would do it"

Jordi Alba: "If Barcelona ask me to reduce my salary, I would do it"

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The Barça left-back gave an interview to Marca this week

Jordi Alba has shown his unconditional commitment to Barça in an interview with 'Marca' in which he has made himself available to the club if the economy forces him to drop his salary.

The left-back is clear that if the club asks him to reduce his pay his answer will be "yes" because "it is the club0s decision and I have always helped when they have asked me to."

In this sense, Alba explains that "many lies have been told in the press, but in the end, I have always been there, nobody can say otherwise.

"There are things that hurt, but you have to know how to live with it. I know my truth and I am very calm. My intention is to help the club and for both parties to be happy."

In fact, he believes that part of the environment around the club has not been fair when it comes to assessing the commitment of the captains.

"There have been many lies that hurt you because you are from the club," he added. "It has created a buzz that has put the captains in the spotlight, but we can't come out and deny everything that is said on a daily basis.

"We're from here and we feel the colours to the maximum, but criticism hurts."

Furthermore, Alba keeps his enthusiasm for enjoying football at Barça intact and is not thinking about retirement: "It's more of a media issue. I feel good, I feel capable and I have the backing of the coach and my teammates.

"When I walk down the street people let me know. I feel good and the day I feel I'm not capable of defending a club like Barcelona, I'll be the first to leave."

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