Jordi Alba content with his performance and happy for the team

Jordi Alba content with his performance and happy for the team

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The Spanish left back did well against Villarreal on Thursday night

Jordi Alba wrote on Wednesday a message on social media that shows his current state of mind. “Very content for today’s game. We came from a complicated week for the team and needed this important win. We work, fight, and get it done together,” wrote Alba. Barca, the team, above individuals.

The left back was happy with his good performance but above all for the win over Villarreal which can help change the dynamic after the UCL virtual elimination and painful defeat in the Clasico.

For Alba, unity in a moment of crisis is vital. And that is the reason he is one of the captains, helping the collective.

He showed against Villarreal that he deserves to be a starter for Barca. He is physically in very good condition and his veteran status allows him to read the game as well as anyone.

Xavi said he counts on him and the player wants to return that confidence in him with performances like this one.

Alba was happy because he had a great game, he did well defensively behind Ansu and understood Lewandowski with perfection, setting up the first goal for him.

Alba hopes to keep having minutes in the coming games, especially against Athletic. He’s shown his participation is important for the team. If he doesn’t play he will take the role he is given and keep helping the collective.

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