Joan Laporta's speech at the AGM, on Barca's 'delicate situation'

The Blaugrana chief spoke about various topics including Espai Barca and the finances

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The Barcelona AGM started at 3.30pm on Sunday and were are 576 socios there when Joan Laporta spoke to announce the order of the day.

He asked them to stand to pay homage to the socios who have died over the past year with an emotional minute of silence.

There was a video review of the 2020-21 season, from Luis Suarez’s departure onwards, to Laporta’s election and Lionel Messi leaving.

Laporta said this was “one of the most important (assemblies) of our history. We want more and have to demand more titles, we are Baca and we want to be a reference point for the world. But I want to be clear, the economic and financial situation of the club is extremely delicate.

“We have to take important decisions today for the direction of the club, decide how we want the Barca of this century to be. We will get into questions on the future and we have the responsibility that affects us and also future generations of Barca fans.”

Laporta said the club will remain the hands of the fans. “More than ever, Barca is in our hands and that is good news. We’re not in the hands of third parties, not a state club or owned by investors, you can be sure Barcelona will always belong to the socios. Groups who think they can take Barca are wrong, we’ve marked a red line.”

Laporta spoke of the club’s debt too. “The worst numbers in Barca’s history” he said. “A debt of 1.350 billion, no cash flow, we almost can’t pay salaries.”

Laporta confirmed the forensic review of the finances will be completed in a month and after that they can decide if they need to take legal action against the prior board.

Laporta spoke of a five year plan, including Espai Barca, which he said “will have an impact on the city of Barcelona that I’d compare to the effect the Olympics had in 1992.”



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