Joan Laporta's message about the Espai Barca vote

The Catalan club's president spoke and said fans will vote in a referendum if it is approved

| sport

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has made a video message for the fans to explain that they will be able to vote for the Espai Barca project. “If on Saturday the assembly approves the financing of the Espai Barca, we will have a referendum with all fans to ratify the decision.”

The assembly on Sunday did not finish and voting on the Espai Barca is yet to happen. “The club is alive and functioning democratically. The test is in the fact that the fans asked me to suspend the assembly to go and watch Barca vs Valencia and we continue it another day, so we did. There we will keep talking about the Espai Barca.”

The president wanted to raise optimism ahead of a big week. “We need your support, the players need it,” he said. “Come against Dinamo too, the players need us to accompany them to victory.”



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