Joan Laporta: Tebas has a sick obsession with Barca

Joan Laporta: Tebas has a sick obsession with Barca

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The Barca chief lashed out at the La Liga president for his comments in Sport

Barcelona president Joan Laporta did not like Javier Tebas’s comments to Sport on Sunday. The chief hit out at the La Liga boss on Barca TV.

“He says Messi did not stay at Barca, but he was the main reason that he didn’t, for his jealousy and because his financial fair play is trying to be more papist than the pope,” said Laporta.

“What Barca won’t do is let Tebas appropriate the club’s rights, nor will we follow the personal projects of Mr Tebas, who wants to use Barca’s interests to get money, mortgaging the club’s television rights for 50 years.

“In place of agreement and understanding, he always looks for conflict. He has a sick obsession to see how he can hurt Barca and the club’s values, but Barca fans know him. They seemed improper comments for a La Liga president."



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