Joan Laporta on Lionel Messi's "complicated" return to Barcelona

Joan Laporta on Lionel Messi's "complicated" return to Barcelona

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The president says children are asking him when the Argentine will come back

Speaking to RAC1, Barcelona president Joan Laporta was questioned about the possible return of Leo Messi. "We'll see what happens. It's a complicated option because he's at PSG and I wouldn't like to get into controversy with this club because whatever I say they hook onto it," he said.

The Barça president, who is in Colombia representing Barça for their campaign with Acnur, indicated that during his stay in the South American country he is asked by various children about the return of the Argentine. And he understands the connection between Barça and Leo Messi for fans: "Wherever you go, they identify him with Barcelona. What I see is that Barça's image is very powerful. They know everything about us. Even in the most remote place in the world they know we are under reconstruction.”

With these words, Laporta seemed to want to lower the bar to the expectations that had been generated through some statements by Laporta himself.


“We are happy with him, he’s motivated, with a contract in vigour, and there will be time to talk about this. It’s not what we’re most occupied with now.”


“There is a 1 billion bonus for the founding clubs, to share. It’s something that is yet to be set, because it’s a number that changes. Before it was higher. What it would mean for Barca is that if they won the competition it would be 300-350 million euros, much more than you get for the Champions League.”

“We will know the recommendation of the General Counsel in December, I think it will not be decided. The court's resolution will be in March and I think it will be favorable to the promoters of the Super League".

"Let it be the clubs, together with UEFA, who govern this competition, we are the ones who have the ability to support our players."

"We are solving Barça's economic problems without the Super League, but with this new competition we would do better, we would be one of the most economically solid clubs in the world.”


“We are limited by fair play, the Champions League elimination set us back too. We’re working to see how we can compensate if the coach and staff want to sign players.”

“The FFP rules, because there are other parameters, make us negative. There’s a lot of interpretations, La Liga have their own, the clubs, we make ours. We have to negotiate to find the solution.”

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