Javier Tebas sends another Leo Messi warning

Javier Tebas sends another Leo Messi warning

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The Liga chief spoke about Barcelona and the Argentine star

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, reiterated his discourse on the parameters that FC Barcelona must meet in order to be able to sign Leo Messi. The main one is the sale of players in order to comply with the viability plan. 

Tebas recalled that "Barcelona knows the efforts that must be made and the rules to be followed with the viability plan". Barca's "situation must be monitored for more than two seasons. This is where we are. They will soon have an answer to the viability plan. They are aware of everything".

In the specific case of the Argentinian, Tebas was very clear: "I don't know if it's for Messi or whoever. In order for a player to arrive, others have to leave and this way they save what they have to save". The president of La Liga is certain and made clear his role: "They work and we supervise. This is our function".

On the other hand, Tebas praised the value of La Liga after Sevilla's triumph in the Europa League. "This shows the strength of our competition. Sevilla were on the verge of relegation and this same team has won the second European competition".

Tebas also resorted to a comparison with English football: "We talk a lot about the Premier League, but we don't seem to remember that Manchester City have won five of the last six titles."

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