Javier Tebas: Leo Messi going to Serie A won't ruin league

La Liga's president says the top flight would not be stricken without him

Tebas: Messi no es la solución para que el fútbol italiano salga de la crisis | Perform

Óscar Cubero

Javier Tebas said it was unlikely that Leo Messi would end up going to Serie A but that it would not crush La Liga if he did. There has been speculation that he would sign for Inter Milan.

"I do not think that the arrival of Messi can solve the problems of Serie A, which are linked to the bad relationship between debts, high and insufficient collections," Tebas told reporters on a videoconference on Tuesday.

"Serie A's figures are stressed, and these economic problems certainly are not solved by Leo Messi. 

"I would like Messi to stay here, but if he leaves it would not be a drama.

"It was said that without Cristiano Ronaldo the league would have lost money, and instead we would have earned it, even in Portugal. Star players help but are not essential to a championship."




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