Javier Tebas: It's been time for Joan Laporta to give explanations

Javier Tebas: It's been time for Joan Laporta to give explanations

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The Negreira case has cast a long shadow over Barcelona

Javier Tebas found out, during his appearance in Gijón, of Laporta's intention to give a press conference next Monday to explain the Negreira Case. 

The president of La Liga insisted on the need for the president of Barça to give explanations as soon as possible for what he considers "the biggest reputational damage that has been done to Spanish football in all its history".

"It is time for him to give explanations, it is important that he comes to the Assembly on 19 April and speaks to the rest of the clubs. It has been more than two months and we will see if he can clarify more than in the letters he has sent to UEFA and FIFA," he said. 

Tebas also listed a series of questions linked to the case which, he believes, need to be justified by Laporta. "Why did Mr Negreira say in his appearance at the tax office that it was to achieve neutrality?" he asked.

The LaLiga president continued his presentation with another question that the prosecution suspects: the possibility that some members of the club kept part of the money destined for Negreira's company. "Why was Negreira's son also paid through a company owned by a director of FC Barcelona, Josep Contreras, to make reports for FC Barcelona? All this has to be clarified," he added.

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