"It's possible we're seeing the end of the cycle at Barcelona"

Edmilson spoke on the show 'Tot Costa' on Catalunya Ràdio

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José Edmilson had an up and down time at Barcelona. He joined from Lyon and shared a dressing room with players like Deco, Ronaldinho, Eto’o, Márquez and Giuly and helped the club win the Champions League. However, in Rijkaard's final season he saw more turbulent times. 


Now he feels Barça could be in a similar situation. He told Tot Costa. "Since the start of the seasons, Barcelona are having difficulty finding their way of playing, due to the preseason they had and also to injuries. We are a little worried, but we know there is a lot of quality in this squad. 

"Maybe it reminds me of the end of the cycle. A lot of young players have come in, there are others with a lot of experience, but it could be a change and that normally means a change in play, mentality, behaviour. That's natural. It's too soon to draw conclusions but if at the end of the season things haven't gone well, decisions will be made."

He added: "Football is a collective sport. The youngsters must have confidence and the veterans, when things don't go well, have to help. It's difficult to say too much when you're not there day-to-day, but what I read and see in the press, we expect a little more from this Barça, who have given a lot of joy in the last 12 years."

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