International Champions Cup hope to have Barça back next summer

FC Barcelona didn't appear in the preseason competition due to their contractual commitments in Asia and the USA

EL FC Barcelona se encuentra estos días de gira de pretemporada por EEUU
EL FC Barcelona se encuentra estos días de gira de pretemporada por EEUU | SPORT

FC Barcelona are one of the sides to have appeared in the International Champions Cup the most since it began. The preseason competition, which is played across the United States, Europe and Asia, has been a regular fixture since 2013.

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However Barça were absent from this summer's tournament as they had contractual obligations in Asia, where they played against Chelsea and Vissel Kobe, and the United States, where they face Napoli in a two-legged cup.

The 2019 International Champions Cup also didn't include the reigning Champions League holders (Liverpool) or the Premier League winners (Manchester City). However, the organisers of the competition insist the appeal of playing in it hasn't been lost.

"It really isn't losing its importance. Those three teams could be involved in the tournament next year and we'll continue to work closely with them. For example, Manchester City will take part in the Women's ICC next month and Barcelona had obligations in Asia," they told EFE.

The ICC has also revealed that the tournament will continue with 12 teams as opposed to the most recent summers which have included 18. Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid, Milán, Inter, Fiorentina and Juventus, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal, Bayern Múnich, Benfica and Chivas were the sides to appear in the 2019 edition.

"That (12) is how many sides we'll see in the International Champions Cup going forward. After analysing the calendar from last year, we've realised that would make more sense, for various reasons."

This season's competition has seen the matches played in the United States (10, including the Madrid derby), Asia (four) and Europe (four).


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