Inter Milan interested in Ivan Rakitic, who will leave in January

They met with Barcelona to speak about the Croatian midfielder

Las grandes preguntas sobre el futuro de Rakitic | Marta Fernández

Ivan Rakitic's Barcelona goodbye is drawing closer. The player is not essential for Ernesto Valverde and has a secondary role this season. In January a solution may be found.

Lluís Miguelsanz/Tomàs Andreu

Negotiations are happening. Inter milan met Barcelona last week to negotiate over the Croatian midfielder. They don't see eye to eye exactly but the clubs have a good relationship and will look for something that works for both parties.

Rakitic's cycle at Barca is coming to an end. They almost sold him in 2018 to PSG but he wanted to stay. The club told him they would not renew his deal and this summer he might have been included in a Neymar deal, but it didn't happen. 

The midfielder does not accept his new status in the club and wants to leave to play a key part in another project. At Barcelona they are grateful for his professionalism and understand his posture perfectly well, so are helping to facilitate an exit, which will be in January.

Barca think Rakitic should be worth 35 million euros but realise that figure will fall because of his lack of minutes and that he has 1.5 years left on his contract. That would be even less if they sold him in the summer but likely he will go before then. Rakitic's people are in contact with Inter and other teams.


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