Inter discard Messi signing: Right now it's unviable

Inter discard Messi signing: Right now it's unviable

 Messi, traspasado. ¿Fantasía o realidad? | PERFORM

Piero Ausilio, the Italian side's sporting director, says they can't manage it

Lionel Messi's future is still to be decided but Inter Milan, who were strongly linked, don't think they can make a move happen.

Piero Ausilio, the club's sporting director, spoke about the chances of signing the Argentine No 10 on Tuesday.

"I don't even know where these type of thoughts could even come from," he said. "If we talk about him as a player there is no club in the world that wouldn't want him in their team.

"Then comes the reality. We have to have a careful and prudent market, that should be worked around sales above all else. We know what we have to do and through sales we can also bring players in. That's the reality, like it or not. We've always known that."




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