Iñaki Peña on Barça debut: I felt happiness and joy

Iñaki Peña on Barça debut: I felt happiness and joy

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"With Ter Stegen I learn a lot; he is a reference for me".

Iñaki Peña was one of the debutants in the victory against Viktoria Plzen [2-4]. He expressed "happiness and joy for having made it this far". And he dedicated his debut "to my family and my partner".

He added that "I learn a lot from Ter Stegen, I've been with him for four or five years now and he is one of the best in the world. He is a point of reference for me".

Speaking on the match, he commented that "from the outside, it looked like they could be an easy opponent, but we knew that they would put us in trouble with long balls and very strong presence in the box, as they did".

He also said that "what Barça are all about is winning and competing in all competitions. Now we will have the chance to do so in the Europa League".

Finally, Iñaki Peña acknowledged that "we knew that we had to finish the Champions League in good form ahead of the next two matches, Almería and Osasuna, before the World Cup break. After that, we'll see".

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