"I'm not leaving Barça sad," says defender Óscar Mingueza

"I'm not leaving Barça sad," says defender Óscar Mingueza

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The player talks about his departure from FC Barcelona and his arrival at Celta

Óscar Mingueza is reinvigorated with his arrival in Vigo, he told in an interview with El Larguero. The central defender's dream was to succeed at Barça, but he has no qualms in looking for a new destination.

"I've been 15 years at Barça, every day I went to the sports city and I've been to La Masia, but what I wanted was to play. If I couldn't play in Barcelona, it was clear I had to go somewhere else. It may seem a difficult decision, but it has been quite easy and I was quite clear. Right now I'm only thinking about Celta, I'm very motivated and looking forward to the start of La Liga," said Mingueza.

The defender also spoke of his limited participation in the last season. "When Xavi arrived, he told us all what he wanted tactically. In the end, when you're playing matches and if a coach doesn't like you, it's difficult to play again," admitted the youth player.

Despite alternating between the central defender and full-back roles, the Catalan says that he prioritises being a starter over choice pick. "It's true that as a full-back you have more options to get to the top and that's more fun, but I also like being a centre-back, the team plays at a very advanced level," said the new Celta player.

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