How Joan Laporta is preparing a revolution in Barça's squad


How Joan Laporta is preparing a revolution in Barça's squad

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The president wants to shake things up big time like he did back in 2003

The list of casualties is longer with each passing day. The indignation of Barca’s chiefs is increasing due to the results the team has limped to after the triumphant 4-0 win at the Bernabeu. And there are not many reasons for optimism because there are five games left and there is the obligation to finish, at least, in Champions League positions and, as an additional challenge, achieve second place to get access to the next edition of the Spanish Super Cup (there is 9 million euros more at stake). Barça know that they are between a rock and a hard place. While thinking about the short-term future, they also have to think about the squad for next season.

That’s where Joan Laporta and the sports directors are laying the foundations for what is going to be a revolution in capital letters. The squad is considered to be in need of a total makeover and it should occur this summer. Without further delay. It is a non-negotiable decision and, for now, formulas will be sought to find the economic muscle to face it. Internal analysis agrees the club must carry out structural reform of the squad because the level is not up to the right standards.

This given, the club is willing to make all the necessary decisions, including the settlement of contracts, whether paid in instalments or at once. It is believed that the protagonists of those who appear to blame in the European disasters across the last seven seasons are always the same and this season they are there again.

In the same way that there is the will to carry out a massive axing, there is also the other side of the coin. The club considers that there are key players to keep for the future, on which to lay the foundations. And these are the following: Eric García (with several questions over him), Araujo, Gavi, Nico, Pedri, Ferran and Ansu Fati. The club believes that, despite their youth, they have already proven their worth and that they can become the pillars on which the new Barça is based. The rest of the players are on the exit ramp. The club supports the need to sign higher level players. Not second-tier players but experienced ones who can give an immediate performance with greater capability than the current incumbents.

What Joan Laporta is planning is a revolution like in 2003 when he arrived as president, getting rid of 14 players and signing 11. The moment is right and the decision seems similar. Open heart surgery. The design is decided and now the club are working to make this possible on economic terms. The CVC deal, or selling part of Barça Studios or Licensing and Merchandising, to have immediate liquidity.

The board, which arrived with the will to change the losing dynamic, is running out of patience with these players and will open the door for them to go. The summer could have a lot of ins and outs, and be tough, given the difficulty of operations of this scale.

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