How Griezmann told his Atletico teammates he was staying


"We are a family" he wrote in the players' WhatsApp group

Griezmann, más pendiente del Atleti que de Francia
Griezmann, más pendiente del Atleti que de Francia | EFE

Antoine Griezmann announced to his Atletico Madrid teammates that he was staying with the club in the WhatsApp group he shares with them.

The French forward, who was with his national team at the time, sent a simple message saying: "We are a family," which made it clear that he was in line with the message which Diego Simeone had transmitted to him at the end of the season. 

Griezmann sent the message from the France camp the day before the documentary 'The Decision' was aired in Spain, in which he finally confirmed he was staying at Atletico. 

Atletico's players were aware of what Griezmann was going through but they didn't know until the very last moment whether he would stay or accept Barcelona's offer. 

In the end, though, he decided to stick, remaining part of the family which has been build by Cholo Simeone. 

'The Decision' ended up as a blow for Barcelona, who hoped that he would accept their offer to join the club this summer for his 100 million euro release clause. 


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