How Barcelona wanted to stop vote of no confidence

SPORT sees the club wanted to stop the process against the current board

Los pasos a seguir en la moción de censura | sport

Ivan San Antonio

The two Barça executives who are part of the vote of no confidence table, Marta Plana and Jordi Argemí, demanded this Thursday that the process be stopped, by virtue of the complaint filed to the Civil Guard for the possible falsification of signatures.

The minutes of the meeting the no-confidence vote table held this Thursday, to which SPORT had access, reveal that Plana and Argemí asked to stop the signature validation process.

"The secretary (Plana) and Mr. Argemí state that after their experiences with fraud at FC Barcelona since 2010, they prefer that the process be stopped and when things are clarified, we can move forward", read the minutes.

In this sense, the minutes also state that the table has discussed the possibility of ending the signature validation process, given that the necessary 16,520 have already been reached. "Mr. Argemí votes that it should not continue and that it is not closed until it is known what has happened and he wants it to be recorded, because he does not want to assume responsibility in a situation that he does not know," says the minutes.

"The secretary adds to the voting position against continuing the procedure, adhering to Mr. Argemí's statement."

Jordi Farré, promoter of the motion responded to the request of the two directors. "Mr. Farré states that he believes that the club is doing everything possible and pressing with all the mechanisms it has to stop the vote of no confidence," the minutes added.



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