High tension over Girona vs Barcelona in the United States

40,000 Spanish flags will be handed out at the game between two Catalan teams

 Ernesto Valverde opinó sobre la posibilidad de jugar partidos de Liga en Estados Unidos | Perform

La Liga’s project, led by Javier Tebas, to take a game to the United States, is starting to generate a lot of doubts. Barcelona and Girona are the teams that are poised to play in Miami, Florida, in January, but the issue is taking a political tint.

Juan Manuel Díaz


The players’ association (AFE) were the first to show their disgust at the idea. The RFEF have not commented but they do not like that Tebas has taken the initiative on this without speaking to president Luis Rubiales.

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, is also unimpressed, reminding them that both the Spanish and North American federations, UEFA and FIFA need to give their consent.

Public opinion is also against the idea. Although Girona have presented a packet of options to make it up to their season holders, they want to watch all their team’s games live - more so in the case of a clash with Barcelona. They don’t care that the team could pocket 4 million euros.

Barcelona have not positioned themselves publicly but they don’t mind the idea of an experiment that could bring in good money.

However the political side of the situation is a new consideration giving what is going on with Catalunya.

Per Cadena Copa, the game would see 40,000 Spanish flags handed out… but other political symbols banned.



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