Here are the reasons Manchester United are desperate to sign Ansu Fati

Here are the reasons Manchester United are desperate to sign Ansu Fati

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SPORT revealed that the first offer of €100m had been turned down and now 'The Times' are reporting a second bid of €150m was also rejected

Manchester United have made it clear: Ansu Fati would be a strategic signing. The English giants have undertaken a longer than expected rebuilding process since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure. The signings of established names like Pogba, Maguire, Lukaku, Di Maria and Martial haven't seen the team take that next step and challenge for the Premier League title again. They even failed to qualify for this season's Champions League.

Yet Ansu Fati is a signing that excites their frustrated fan base. Not only because of what the youngster could bring to the side now but also for the future. United's scouting network believe Fati is the perfect player to build the team around. SPORT first revealed a €100m offer had been rejected and now 'The Times' are reporting a second bid - around the €150m mark - has also been dismissed by the Camp Nou offices. Barça insist he isn't for sale but the €170m buyout clause takes that decision away from them should United go higher.


Ansu Fati is only 17 - he turns 18 in October - and that means he's got around 15 years of football left in him. United are aware that, bar any unforeseen setbacks, the cost of a deal would represent great value for money in the long term.


English football is primarily focused on the physical side of things. In that regard, it's an area Fati would need to improve in. Yet most of that comes when your body develops and Ansu has plenty of room for growth. Aside from that, he's got plenty of attributes which suit the Premier League. He's dynamic, fast, direct and plays without any fear. He could be lethal if defences leave space in behind.


Ansu Fati can play anywhere across the frontline. With the Juvenil A side he played through the middle as the main strike. Since then he's adapted his game to play on either flank. This allows a coach a lot more freedom and flexibility to get the most out of him.


And lastly, the attitude of the player and those around him is something United value highly. Fati doesn't want the limelight and instead has a strong desire to learn, improve and reach his potential. He's fully focused on football and looks after himself both on and off the pitch. A shining example to any youngster coming through the academy.