Griezmann follows through with threat & doesn't show for Atletico training

Atletico had demanded the Frenchman show up for work on Sunday

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Griezmann no tiene la intención de regresar al Atlético aunque sea para entrenar | sport

Antoine Griezmann said as much on Saturday, through his lawyer, that he would not be present at Atletico Madrid's preseason on Sunday. And he was true to his word.

On Sunday afternoon, all of the club's players were expected at Cerro del Espino (in Madrid) but the French forward did not turn up. He had already warned Atletico that he would not fulfil their demand to show his face due to "emotional stress." 

Now we will see if Atletico fulfil their threat: punishing Griezmann financially for a serious lack of discipline given -- despite everything going on around him -- the reality is, right now, no one has paid his 120 million euro release clause so he is still an Atletico player. 

The story could end in the coming days. In theory, Barcelona have the intention of continuing to try and negotiate a deal with Atletico so that they can pay the fee in instalments. Atletico, though, are pointing to his clause and Griezmann remains trapped, having told the Rojiblanco in May he's off. 

Soon, the saga will finish. 


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