'Griezmann die' chants could lead to partial stadium closure for Atletico

La Liga plan to punish the Rojiblanco for the actions of their supporters on Sunday

Cánticos contra Griezmann en el Metropolitano antes del comienzo del partido | @rojillo72

The chants aimed at Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann by Atletico Madrid supporters on Sunday could lead to the partial closure of the Wanda Metropolitano. 

Ramón Fuentes

Atletico fans whistled every touch made by Griezmann, who was making his first appearance against the club since leaving for Barça ion the summer. They also chanted 'Griezmann die,' as well as defacing his plaque outside the stadium. 

La Liga plan to report the chants. The Competition Committee will then have to study them. We will then find out what decision is taken with regards to punishment but the actions are considered very serious according to Article 69. 

The Article details a fine up to a maximum of 90,000 euros and the total or partial closure of a stadium, depending on the nature of the chants. 

Atletico, therefore, could be facing a fine and the partial closure of the Wanda Metropolitano. Another option is a suspended punishment, alongside a fine. 



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