Gerard Pique's referee comments could land him in trouble with the RFEF

Gerard Pique's referee comments could land him in trouble with the RFEF

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The defender suggested subconsciously referees could be favouring Real Madrid

Gerard Pique's comments about referees will be looked into by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, who could take action against the Barcelona defender, SPORT have been told.

"Even subconsciously, how are they not going to give more decisions to one side than the other?" Pique said in reference to a former referee in Spain saying 85 percent of officials are Real Madrid followers.

"While I respect the professionalism of the referees and I know they try to do their best, when a moment of doubt comes..."

And on last season's title race, in the interview with Dj Mariio, he added: "Last season's league is the most absurd I have seen in my life. If we compare between Madrid and Barça, there's a huge difference."

The RFEF's Integrity Department study all comments, above all ones made about referees. They will make a ruling on whether they feel Pique's remarks place the honour of the refereeing sector in doubt.

If they feel that is the case, the details will be handed to the Competition Committee, who will open a report on the issue to which Pique will have to respone.

Article 100 bis from the RFEF's disciplinary code is the one that Pique could have breached. It sats that "comments in the media which question the honour and impartiality of any member of the refereeing teams working with the RFEF will be sanctioned."

The possible punishments are a ban of between four and 12 games or a fine between €601 and €3,005.


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