Gerard Pique likes the tension between Madrid and Barcelona

Gerard Pique gave an interview to GQ magazine in which he says rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona is healthy.

"I like the battle and I think it's part of the spectacle. In a way it's the fun of the game. The Barcelona-Madrid rivalry is what has always made us be among the greatest," he said.

"I am clear in what is my way of being and behave according to it. I like to stir it up occasionally, it's not provoking just to provoke."

Pique also explained he fixed his diet to stay fit and healthy a few years ago. "When I playd at Manchester United I could eat a bag of Doritos or a pot of Nutella for dinner. Later I realised you couldn't do that, that physically you can't bear it and you get injured. Now I take a lot of care."


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