Gerard Pique's jibe after Barca's 'sacred cows' depart

Gerard Pique's jibe after Barca's 'sacred cows' depart

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With Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets having been given a fitting farewell, the overall feeling at FC Barcelona is one of a change of era. Of generational change. Along with Gerard Piqué, the three were the last vestiges of the club's golden era. 

While the player from L'Hospitalet and midfielder from Badia will continue their careers elsewhere, the former centre-back from Bonanova left sport to focus 100 per cent on business. 

However, Piqué is still linked to the world of football and frequently gives his opinion on what is happening at the club of his life. His latest comments were about the duo's departure.

"I'm glad I left because I gave Barça space on the wage scale. But it seems that, despite this, there are still financial problems. I wonder who should leave now. They said we are responsible for our salaries (Pique, Busquets, Alba). Now, we've all left and yet they can't sign players," he commented on the 'After Kings League' talk show.

Gerard made reference, in this way, to everything that has been said in recent months about the sacred cows being one of those responsible for the serious financial crisis and for not being able to register or sign players.

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