Gerard Pique has been sold on the American dream

With each day that passes, Gerard Pique is more sure. When he stops being an important player for Barcelona he will start a new adventure in the United States, like other former Blaugrana stars like Marquez, Henry and Villa.

Toni Juanmartí

The Catalan centre-back has received a firm proposal from Dvid Beckham, for him to join his future MLS team, Miami Beckham United. And apart from not giving his word, Pique's response has been positive. 

The No 3 knows that in top level football he will only ever wear the Barcelona shirt. Like Xavi ahead of going to Qatar, Pique values the option of heading to exotic climes - and the USA is a place where more top level footballers are choosing to end their careers - Keane, Kaka, Pirlo, Lampard, Defoe. 

More than on a sporting level, Beckham's proposal is seducing Pique, and the dressing room is aware of it. To live in a completely different country, to have his children learn perfect English, a key language, and to be in a country that will allow him to grow on a business level. It must be remembered that Gerard is the owner of Kerad Games and 27 per cent of the Catalan burger chain Bas Alimentaria.

Ibrahimovic and Rooney

The PSG striker and Man United's talisman are also wanted by David Beckham. The Englishman has suffered a set-back in recent days. The people who live in Overtown (Miami) are opposed to the construction of the stadium for the team, which in principle will start in 2018.


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