Gerard Pique: Bartomeu lied to mine and Messi's faces

Gerard Pique: Bartomeu lied to mine and Messi's faces

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The defender was not impressed with what the former president said

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique gave his opinion on the former president Josep Maria Bartomeu when speaking to The Wild Project. “He lied to Leo (Messi) and my faces at the training ground, he told us he knew nothing about Barçagate,” said Pique.

The Catalan defender, one of the more important players in Xavi’s plans, said that Bartomeu went out to defend himself.

“He went out to defend himself in the press conference, but he knew it. The person in charge of all of it was his right-hand man. In an interview after I criticised it and he wrote to me to tell me it was not true.”

The defender said that a lot of the problem came from people close to the president.

“He suspended his right hand man, but not his salary. I had a cordial relationship with him but that he lied to my face is a deed so wrong that it’s over. They took very bad decisions.”

Pique said that Bartomeu did not know how to lead the club.

“We do the work that coach gives us, and he, the president. But Bartomeu did not do it and the lack of leadership translated to the pitch. He was being advised by people who had no clue.

“Bartomeu never came to the training ground. He wanted to please everyone and did not know how to say no.”

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