Gerard Pique accepts 50 per cent Barcelona pay cut

Gerard Pique accepts 50 per cent Barcelona pay cut

El Barça crea una mesa de negociación para la modificación de condiciones laborales / | EFE

The deal he signed the other day means this season he gets a huge cut

Nobody doubts Gerard Pique’s Barcelonismo. The Catalan defender has agreed to lower his pay by 50 per cent for the rest of this season, because of the financial impact of the coronavirus crisis.

After beating Ferencvaros Barcelona announced four rentals all at once and one of them was Pique. SPORT have earned that he asked the club what percentage they wanted to take off his wage to help most. The club said 50 per cent and Pique accepted it. Meanwhile Lenglet, Ter Stegen and De Jong lose 30 per cent of their salary for now.

Pique is one of the captains of the group so this is meaningful. Also his previous deal expired in 2022 and the new one in 2024, but with a caveat.

If in the 2021-22 season he doesn’t play 35 per cent of games, the club can rescind the rest of the deal. Also he has the option to leave if he considers his time over, either to retire or play elsewhere - in the MLS. He would not be able to leave to play for another top European side.

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